What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the manual processing of voice files dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format.  The files are usually progress notes, discharge summaries, operative notes, chart notes, lab data, etc., of the patient which needs to be converted from voice files to text format.

What happens in medical transcription?

The healthcare providers voice records the patient chart which needs to be documented and sends through to the transcription companies by electronic media.  Here the transcriptionist picks the voice files and transcribes (types) the voice file in a word document like microsoft word and sends back the saved report back to the doctors which can be used for insurance purposes.

How is the career in medical transcription?

Medical transcription is a recession proof career as it involves healthcare.  Career levels starts from editor, medical language specialist, quality analyst, team lead and the manager level.  Success in this career depends on the individual’s hearing skills, sound english knowledge, analysis of medical conditions and excellent keyboard skills which will be provided during the training.

What are the monetary benefits of medical transcription?

A transcriptionist starts at a salary of 18,000 per month and can go up to 80,000 per month depending on his or her skills.  Incentives is a key factor in medical transcription industry.  Incentives are calculated on the basis of lines done by the transcriptionist.  The more number of lines the transcriptionist produces, the more incentives.  This combined with a decent quality of 98%, the transcriptionist can make good money working either in a company or from home.

What are the advantages of medical transcription as a career?

It is a stable career suitable for any age group which just requires excellent hearing skills, typing skills and reasonable medical language knowledge.  People have the opportunity to work in an office or from home itself.